Edinburgh Castle Ride Cosmic Surfer! Ian at summit cairn of Beinn Dorain, May 2000
Hi there, you've found Ian Burdon's website. The buttons on the left are self-explanatory and should guide you around. The "Latest Updates" button on the left takes you to a chronological list of new pages but the one that changes most is the Blog which I update usually every two or three days (for those who don't know a Blog is essentially a diary- although if you search for 'Blog' on any search engine you will find a wide variety of types. The word is a contraction of 'Web-log').

As regular visitors will know I am still trying to keep this simple: the pages are still hand knitted in HTML4 and you still won't find cheesy flash animation and dancing gifs. Neither will you find any sneaky little pop-ups, strange bits of java that crash your browser or unwanted background music (which, if you know my tastes in music, is probably just as well). I did have a Gustbook but thanks to persistent spamming it has been removed. If you get lost you can always get back to this page by clicking on the Cosmic Surfer button shown below.

STOP-PRESS! April 2006 Watch out for changes in the near future as this site migrates to a new home!

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